Stephanie Miller, Maid of Honor

Steph is Katelyn's younger sister and the world's greatest 2nd grade teacher (so expect her to tell you all to quiet down and

sit up straight during her speech).  Steph loves snowboarding

and chanting about dessert with our Great Auntie Dot.


Jennifer Miller, Bridesmaid

Jen is Katelyn's youngest sister and the baby of the family.

Jen loves country music, going to the beach (SPF 70 anyone?) and being fabulous.  If you can get her to laugh hard enough,

she'll cry, so start thinking of hilarious stories now.


Katie Vaillancourt, Bridesmaid

Katie (henceforth, "KTVal") is Katelyn's college roommate.

Katelyn and KTVal met in 2004 as art majors at Sacred Heart University and moved into a house a few doors down from

Luke in 2006 - it was destiny.  KTVal loves whiskey, tie dye

and smiling, so be prepared for any combination of the three

to shine through in wedding festivies.


JoAnna Mudie, Bridesmaid

JoAnna is Katelyn & Luke's close college friend (so it's weird

they never went to college together).  Name substitutions may

include Joanie and Juwanna.  JoAnna loves yellow mustard, Katelyn & Luke's dog Embree, Cape Cod and Bud Heavys.

Her birthday is easily the most worthy of celebration.


Laura Tirrell, Bridesmaid

Laura and Katelyn met at Camp Rotary in Boxford, MA (it's the happiest place in the world, look it up) at the age of 14.  While residents of rival towns in high school, they supported each

other's hopes and dreams through beerpong, ridiculous inside jokes and awkward teenage photos.  Hilarity ensues.


Tina Guarino, Bridesmaid

The Gods of Friendship brought Katelyn and Tina together in

2005.  Though it seems they've never been destined to live in

the same state (though always manage to overlap), they share

a love for great music, and imaginary tropical islands.


Michael "Doc" Millett, Best Man

Michael (most often referred to as Doc.. or Mike... or Joe... or Doug... yeah, Doug) and Luke met freshman year of college and were roomates for most of a decade.  Doc got his name because he's a physical therapist (he's an expert in back-e-otomys).  He relentlessly pushes the gluten free agenda.  


Jesse Bradley, Groomsman

Jesse is Luke's older brother and famous nomad.  He's traveled
all over the United States for  both work and play.  Jesse has seen tons of live music - more than you have, just accept it.  Jesse will be a groomsman, even though he stole Luke's ninja turtles... then sold them back to him.  


Dylan Bradley, Groomsman

Dylan is Luke's younger brother.  In his lifetime he has been a victim of innumerable noogies.  Dylan loves football and playing music and can play just about any instrument you put in front of him.  Dylan is an electrician's apprentice - he brings light to the world... through electricity.


Matthew Miller, Groomsman

Matt is Katelyn's older brother and Irishman extraordinaire.  He 

enjoys talking politics, Bruins and beer.  Often times even if you think you're winning an argument against him, you're wrong.

Matt is a world champion sleeper, and also feels like you don't know how to vacation.


Dan Ryan, Groomsman

Dan Ryan and Luke have been friends since they were in 7th grade.  Dan Ryan killed it as Gollum in the Hobbit.  He and Luke went to neighboring colleges in Fairfield, CT and lived together

for years after.  Dan Ryan is never called by only his first name, loves black lights and runs like a gazelle.


Brian LaMontagne, Groomsman

Brian and Luke have been close friends since 1st grade.  Despite his claims, he does not know the rules of chess or stratego. Brian

is very particular about indoor lighting, loves football and China.

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